Drug Regulation as a Tool to Promote Human Rights

29. mai 2024

Drugreporter May 27, 2024: Drug Regulation as a Tool to Promote Human Rights, health and security in Europe. Author: Péter Sárosi.

In this interview, filmed at the 67th Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna this year, we asked Arild Knutsen, the head of the Association for Humane Drug Policy (FHN) about drug policy reform developments in Norway.

A few highlights from the interview:
– Why Arild thinks that we need to regulate currently illegal substances;
– Why abstinence is not an alternative to many people who use drugs;
– Alcohol regulation in Norway;
– What happened in Norway with the planned decriminalisation of drug use;
– Stimulant substitution treatment in Norway;
– Whether it is applicable to cocaine too;
– What keeps Arild motivated and fighting for drug policy reform.

Read the article at Drugreporter here.

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