Cops Demand the Right for Cops to Do Psychedelic Drugs

25. mars 2024

Daily Beast 23. march 2024: Cops Demand the Right for Cops to Do Psychedelic Drugs, by Mattha Busby.

A group of police officers is calling on the United Nations to help lead a narcotic revolution that would see cops do MDMA to help fight PTSD.

For decades in the U.S., police officers have served as the frontline troops in a militarized war on drugs in which millions were jailed for non-violent offenses. But a small cadre of serving and former police officers, in the U.S. and across the world, are finding that when used responsibly and therapeutically, some of the drugs can ease distress and make them happier.

It’s no wonder so many cops are seeking their own solutions:

“Police officers who were exposed to trauma in the war on drugs, now report that the effort did not limit access to drugs, but increased violence. Now they are fighting for psychedelics in the treatment of trauma and other psychological challenges,” Arild Knutsen, the head of Norway’s Association for Humane Drug Policies, who attended the panel, posted on X.

Read the whole article at Daily Beast here.

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